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9mobile Unlimited Browsing Cheat using Ultrasurf Vpn

9mobile Browsing Cheat using Ultrasurf Vpn

Are u looking for 9mobile browsing cheat this year, if yes then you are in the right place. As we all know that 9mobile data cheat are had to find using various vpn, but you can now Tweak your sim to be like 9mobile Magic Sim with the latest ultrasurf beta VPN. Although Free Browsing Tweaks usually don’t last nowadays, you can enjoy it to its maximum while still blazing hot.9mobile Browsing Cheat using Ultrasurf Vpn

This 9mobile browsing cheat is only gonna work with a VPN called Ultrasurf. Ultrasurf is one of the most popular fast and reliable vpn proxy that has helped millions of people around the world to bypass the internet censorship securely and freely.

Although this 9mobile browsing cheat with Ultrasurf VPN doesn’t work for all sim, I’ll advice you to get a new 9mobile sim If it doesn’t work on the our sim.  It is also Advisable to use 9mobile new sim numbers that begins with 0908, 0909, 0817, 0818.


9mobile Browsing Cheats APN Settings

You can now set your apn settings as configured below:

Port: 8080
Save the settings as default or use your previous default Apn (anyone that you prefer).

9mobile Browsing Cheats with Ultrasurf (Beta) Unlimited Free VPN


1. Download Ultrasurf Beta VPN here to begin

2. Install it and launch it.

Have like 10mb or at least 1mb on your 9mobile sim (preferably new sim)

3. Launch your Ultrasurf VPN.

4. Click at your top right with 3 dots and Tap on “Proxy”

5. Next,  Tap on “HTTP Proxy: must support HTTPS (CONNECT)”

6. Input the settings as shown
Proxy Address:
Proxy Port: 8080


If the above settings are unstable for you, use (No Proxy).

7.Click on Ok to save settings.

8. Switch on your mobile data and Switch to Connect Ultrasurf Vpn.

You will notice that when your 10 mb is exhausted, the ultrasurf vpn will still be connected. Now disconnect the vpn and reconnect with no mb and notice it will connect. This means you have activated your 9mobile sim.

Please Note
The 9mobile data cheat 2018 with ultrasurf beta VPN hasn’t been concluded,  you also can test it and give us feedback via the comments below. Enjoy

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