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5 Basic Ways To Answer Post Utme Questions Accurately In No Time

 There is usually no time in post utme examinations. I have come up with this post to reveal the 5 basic ways to answer post utme questions accurately in no time.

If you feel you didn’t have enough time to finish all your questions in the just concluded joint admission and matriculation board (JAMB) examination then get ready for a worse experience because post utme exams are not time friendly.

When I wrote my post utme, an hour felt like 30 minutes to me. There is no time in such an exam you have to be super swift.

Now, even if you would not be able to finish everything in the post utme examination, there are steps you could take to cover much in the limited time frame. I advice students to be very time cautious. Do not leave a question unanswered because your exam is strictly objective. Even if you have no idea to the question after all trails , click any option you might be lucky, a mark means a lot.

5 basic ways to answer post ume questions accurately in no time

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5 Basic Ways To Answer Post Utme Questions On Time

1. Study with post utme past questions

Most students make this mistake. You are only advice to study with the past questions of your aspiring school. So You would bebe able to see the pattern with which the exam comes.

Post utme examinations in Nigerian Universities differ by difficulty and number of questions. Some set as low as 40 questions while others set as high as 200 questions. OAU is reported to even set Advance level questions which is usually difficult for students to attempt.

The more the number of questions asked, the more the time frame, however, the time allocated to one question is usually not enough in any of the top Universities.

Note: When you know how your school sets questions, you will know how to approach and answer the questions “with the speed of light”.

2. Constant practicing of past questions

Most students read few days to there exams which is very wrong. Is shows a sign of unseriousness and a willingness to fail. You are adviced to practice your past question months before your exams so you can be familiar with the questions.

The more your practice and solve past questions, the more your examination speed will build up. This is because you would have already come across familiar questions before the post utme examination date. It will them be easier for you to answer the exam questions in no time.

3. Early arrival at post utme venue

The early bird catches the worm…. The earlier you are to the post utme hall, the more relaxed you are and the less pressure you will encounter.

Also, stay calm when you get to the exam hall. Free your mind, stop thinking about how prepared you are or how difficult the examination would be. In fact, stop thinking about the time frame.

Have a success mindset. Tell yourself, “this examination will be simple and I will answer everything in no time”. This will boost the confidence you need to pass your post utme examination.

4. Pick Questions At Random:

To finish on time, you don’t neccessarily need to attempt the questions serially. Quickly glance through the questions and see the time each would require. Attempt your post utme questions in the four manners below:

  • Start with the easiest subject.
  • Attempt all the questions that would take you seconds.
  • Answer those that would take you a minute to tackle.
  • Proceed to answer the time consuming questions.

This is because all questions carry equal marks.

5. Shade Randomly:

Now, the time may not actually be enough for you. Since there is no negative marking in post utme, therefore, begin to pick random answers when it is already getting close to the end of time.

You may decide to shade option A, B, C or Dthroughout depending on the option that seems more correct. I mentioned it earlier in this post.

success to you all. Share your testimonies in the comment box .

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